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          服務熱線:+86-512-63331782 63331651
          ABOUT US
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          Established in year 1986, Suzhou Laishi Transfusion Equipment Co., Ltd. (hereafter Suzhou Laishi), which is the first batch of professional manufacturers approved by National Medical Products Administration, is specialized in the manufacture of disposable plastic blood bag and transfer bag, transfusion set for single use, and blood-taking and re-infusion set for single use. The anticoagulant and/or preservative solutions contained in the blood bag have passed GMP certification, which was certificated by National Medical Products Administration. Suzhou Laishi has passed CE certification, 1S09001, 1S013485 and MDSAP quality management system cert ificat i on.

          Suzhou Laishi has accumulated deep professional experience in over 30 years of development history. Suzhou Laishi has complete production facilities and related test equipments and inspection capability for PVC granulation, injection molding, film extruding, bag welding, injection water preparation, anticoagulant and/or preservative solutions preparation, filling and sterilization.

          With rich experience, a professional technical team, powerful R&D ability, and perfect controlling system, Suzhou Laishi has become the active supplier of blood transfusion system in the worldwide market and our products have been exported to South America, Eastern Europe, Western Europe, Middle East, Africa, Southeast Asia and Central Asia etc., and the blood bags have won high praises in many government health organizations. Suzhou Laishi is willing to contribute to the healthy development of global blood transfusion system.

          Corporate culture of Suzhou Laishi is "High quality product is the life of enterprise,while the high qualified staff is the soul of ent er pri se ."